Band History

amphitrium early daysThe Amphitrium project was born in 1999 from an idea of the two guitarists Malda, Tenka and the keyboarder Algor. It became real in 2002 with the first self-produced record “Amphitryon” together with Pax the drummer and the singer Leberbor.

Malda explains that Amphitrium is an inborn thought, the necessity of expression using the Energy of music : “You can do it with rock, You can do it with pop, I've done it with Tenka.
I understood that creating a band means, first of all, to have interaction between each other in the long term. The main thing is to keep this “mental and of course metal chorus” made of our individual essences united in one reality that holds the whole soul of the band.
Everyone in the band is a leader and I think that our main strength is in those differences, everyone is like an engine - try to stop a train with five engines running in the same direction!

Everyone makes his contribution to the common goal without losing his individual spark, and Amphitrium is the mix of all this.”

After the first MCD release the first objective they have been focused on is working on new tracks and redefining the line up for the tour motivated by the “Amphitryon” success in the underground extreme metal scene in Switzerland.

In November 2002 another member joins the band: the young and talented drummer Gianka. Algor keeps playing with the band and in June 2003 they are in the studio once again and release “Chrysalids” and “Silence is Mine” that represents an important turn in their evolution.

At the end of 2003 the original line-up changes extremely: EvilS.A.M. substitutes Leberbor on Vocals, in November the historical cooperation between Algor and Amphitrium comes to an end (no more keyboards) , they add Jaz on Bass Guitar, the line up takes shape for the live shows.

amphitrium in 2004The 2003 promo is remixed in 2004 with the new line-up and they focus their energies on their shows - taking the stage with big names of the extreme metal scene as Marduk, Ancient, Rotting Christ, Grave, God Dethroned and performing in famous clubs like Transilvania Live (Milano, I), Thunder Road (Pavia, I), Garage Music (Bellinzona, CH) e Metro Rock Club (Lugano, CH).

In June 2006 they perform at the Heineken Jammin' Festival in Imola, on the same stage as such sacred monsters as Metallica, Lacuna Coil, Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium. In November 2006 they play in London at the legendary “The Peel” club and record a special EP Tour edition with three tracks (“Black Sun”, “Step into Emptiness”, “Nemorivagus”), then they leave for a short European Tour together with Setherial. This will enforce the Amphitrium name in the extreme metal scene with shows in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Austria.

During 2008 they keep performing live shows, until fulfilment is reached with the agreement with Sony Music Italy that brings them once again in studio for the first Full- Length.

In December 2009 Amphitrium start working on “Scarsache”. This will be released on May 2010. EvilS.A.M. laughs and tells that originally the name should have been “Versus” :“the summary of us five always fighting !!! Unfortunately the Swedish Band “The Haunted” used this title so we have chosen “Scarsache” to represent the fact that every song is like a scar, a permanent sign in our bodies and minds - we wanted to highlight the concept without being common - so our common friend from NY gave us this idea of the union of the words scars-ache: poetic licence!

Usually metal lyrics are all about politics and religion: ours aren't, we don't want to teach anything. We simply speak about ourselves and our lives, experiences, emotions... Scars.

Tenka specifies :“ For example, the opening track, Elevation, talks about a kind of temporary death that allows a vision of life from another point of view: wider, purer and higher, in order to reach a more spiritual and balanced state of mind. It's inspired by Baudelaire's poem Élévation from Les Fleurs Du Mal.

During the recordings, Jaz leaves the band after seven years and is substituted by Kaos - a very well known bass Player in Switzerland. This is the final line up.

The newest member says: “During these years I've seen so many bands grow and split up but Amphitrium has always been there and I believe that perseverance is a very important key for every band. For this reason it has been an honour to be asked to be a part of this project.

band line up

2010 LINE-UP

Kaos - Bass | Malda - guitar | EvilS.A.M. - vocals | Tenka - guitar | Gianka - drums